From daily brainstorming sessions to finding that perfect pixel, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget what we’re thankful for. So, this Thanksgiving, we’re taking a step back and reflecting on things that make us love our jobs (and agency partners). So here are 10 things we are thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Brainstorming sessions that turn into happy hours. 
  2. Our clients have become our friends. It’s always felt like a community and we know that’s rare.
  3. Really good coffee.
  4. The ability to work from wherever we want (thanks, laptops!). 
  5. Counting how many times someone has said “you’re muted” on Zoom calls each day. 
  6. Customer feedback that initiates new and exciting projects keeps us on our toes (and ahead of the competition). 
  7. Seeing the fruits of our labor come to life and knowing, together, we’re making a difference. 
  8. Starting the day in Mumbai and finishing in Shanghai.
  9. The work days fly by and our calendars are filled means we’re in high demand! 
  10. Most importantly, the relationships we’ve built with our clients and coworkers over the years—we couldn’t do it without you! 

From brainstorming sessions turned happy hours to relationships built over the years, we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season! So, here’s hoping your Thanksgiving is just as full of things to love as ours is! 

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