Our President Judd Rubin spoke with Tech Company News about Accountability’s roots, our latest product launch, and upcoming plans to support our commitment to be the foundation of an agency’s financial operations.

Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company? 

Accountability is an ERP platform built specifically for marketing and advertising agencies.  We were founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2008 and officially launched our second headquarters in New York City early this year .  We are the financial management system of record for agencies across 30 countries. 

Any highlights on your recent announcement?  

Our latest product launch encapsulates our core value proposition of centralizing cost data on all client projects and instilling accountability across the entire agency. Our recent product launch, Job Cost Central, is another manifestation of how we can help agencies take insight from a single-source-of-truth to make decisions on tactical tasks like client invoicing, but also more strategic decisions like, “which type of services or projects am I going to sell more of because it has historically proven profitable for my agency.”

Can you give us more insight into your offering?

Finance teams are consumed with the operational burden of closing the books each month – the stuff “to keep the scoreboard up-to-date”. Accountability automates these onerous tasks and centralizes an agency’s data to empower agency leaders to make real-time strategic decisions that drive agency growth. At Accountability, our focus is to provide agencies a platform that can serve as the foundation of their financial operations and enable integrations with their workflow management systems of choice – facilitating collaboration and transparency across client-facing, execution, and finance teams. As hybrid and distributed workforces have increased during this past year, cloud-based solutions, the ability to access tools from anywhere, have been essential for business continuity. Accountability’s ability to integrate with the rest of an agency’s tech platform means more automation, access to actionable data and less redundancies. 

Accountability is a modern ERP platform for agencies

What can we expect from your company in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

Unlike all-in-one ERP platforms, we launched a new platform strategy in the beginning of the year to be the best-of-breed financial management platform for agencies. We have been investing in our integration infrastructure to ensure that our agency clients can design their own tech stack with best-in-class solutions to run their business. We are working on expanding our list of strategic partners in 3 key areas:  resource management, media buying and execution, and payment automation.   

What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

Accountability was  built by agency CFOs for agencies.  We compete against two ERP categories  (1) Agency-specific but legacy platforms that are hard to use and slow to respond to new requirements and (2) generic , “big box” ERP systems that require costly customization year over year. We’re the best of both: modern and built for agencies.  Accountability clients appreciate a modern, agency-fluent platform, with real-time actionable data.  They are not wasting time and money on customization and workarounds.

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