The Customer

Founded in 2003 by Maneesh K. Goyal, MKG is an experiential marketing, social media & branding agency that leverages human connection to impact consumers and influencers in smart, meaningful ways. 

With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, MKG is an independent, award-winning agency comprised of creative trailblazers that partner with some of the world’s premier brands including Delta Air Lines, Audi, Heineken and NBCUniversal. 

MKG’s specialties are Experiential Marketing, Event Planning, Digital Integration + Social Media Marketing, Sponsorship Strategy & Activation 

The Challenge 

Prior to implementing Accountability in early 2013, MKG did not have an integrated solution. The size, duration and complexity of client projects presented large challenges in project financial management and accounting.

One specific challenge was to develop a solution to better manage the large number of corporate credit card transactions MKG has to deal with as a result of project managers booking vendor costs. 

The Solution

MKG considered a number of potential solutions and ultimately chose Accountability.

After a detailed needs assessment to understand MKG’s specific challenges, the decision was taken to commence the implementation of AccountAbility in January 2013

Accountability developed a function to automate and streamline the management of corporate credit card transactions.

The Outcome

Accounting + project management seamlessly tied together:

“As all we need to access Accountability is a web browser, it makes problem solving on the go easy and painless. Accountability provides us with an all-in-one solution that just doesn’t exist in the marketplace.”

Chris Jeffery, MKG Finance Director