March 29, 2021 – New York, NY – Accountability, the leading financial management and ERP platform for marketing and advertising agencies, launched its Agency Finance Master Class series.

Accountability President Judd Rubin explained the driver for this webinar series. “There’s no shortage of webinars and product demos from ERP providers, but we are fortunate to have former agency CFOs and agency workflow experts within Accountability. We are uniquely positioned to address the business and operational challenges that advertising and marketing agencies are focused on. We are excited to partner with agency, ad tech, and mar tech leaders in our network to curate these topics and share best practices that are relevant to the agency.”

Accountability’s Agency Finance Master Class series will cover topics of interest for all agency market segments and feature industry experts. The company launched the series with an educational webinar on agency media finance. Aptly titled Art + Science + Cashflow, the inaugural master class challenges the current media buying equation and highlights the critical role of financial operations in advancing converged media buying. The next set of classes will focus on revenue tools and work-in-progress (WIP) management.  

Accountability will be sharing new classes on its LinkedIn page. Follow the page and save your spot as the company announces new topics.

About Accountability 

Accountability is a global agency management platform provider for marketing and advertising agencies. Designed by agency CFOs and launched in 2008, the Accountability platform serves as the foundation of an agency’s financial operations. It is interoperable with agency workflow management systems, enabling real-time access to the agency’s financial health. Agencies across 30 countries trust the company’s integrated project management and accounting platform to manage their business and gain actionable data to drive growth and transformation. For more information, visit